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Will Your Generator Work, When You Need It Most?

Will Your Generator Work, When You Need It Most?

Time To Test The Fuel In Your Generator!

We will send a technician out to do a visual inspection for water, bacteria and overall quality of the fuel. He will pull a sample from the bottom of the tank so you can see exactly what it looks like. If the fuel only needs to be treated with additives, he can do that while he is there, with your prior approval. Following is information on this additive:

ONE Solution brings your diesel fuel up to a Premium Diesel that is superior in quality to commercial fuel specification ASTM D975. Attributes of this are:

  1. Combustion Catalyst that improves efficiency
  2. Demulsifier that removes the water from the fuel
  3. Biocides that control the bacterial growth in the fuel
  4. Dispersants that eliminate the existing sludge
  5. Polymerization Retardants that prevent sludge
  6. Lubricants that keep injectors from seizing
  7. Detergents that keep the fuel pumps & injectors clean
  8. Metal Deactivators that prevent catalytic oxidation
  9. Corrosion Inhibitors to protect the tank from corrosion
  10. NO Alcohol to interfere with separation of water/fuel
  11. Reduces fuel consumption by at least 5%

If requested, we can also send the sample out for a more technical Laboratory Analysis for a fee of $175.00 per sample. Please let me know when scheduling if you need this. If there is a more severe problem with your fuel such as water, sediment, oxidation or bugs, we will email our recommendations with a proposal to you at a later date.

We highly recommend that you take advantage of this service so you can be assured that your generator will work when you need it most! Please respond to this email or call to have this scheduled as appointments are filling quickly! There is a $45 fee for this visit.

OR CALL 954-978-6600

(Available in Dade, Broward & West Palm Beach only)

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