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What is it?

Fuel polishing is the removal of water, sediment and microbial contamination from diesel. Fuel contamination builds up over time in stored fuels if it isn’t tested and treated on a regular basis.

High Capacity Mobile Fuel Polishing System

You asked and we answered! In 2016 we made a major investment on this state of the art system to better serve our customers fuel polishing needs!

Before and after fuel samples alongside the sock filters used in this filtering process with the sediment filtered out of the fuel.

Have Your Generator Fuel Tested NOW!

Are you sure the fuel in your generator is good and will work when you need it most? We will send a technician out to check your fuel for water, bacteria, oxidation and overall quality. We will pull a sample from the bottom of your tank, so you can see exactly what it looks like. We will then email you a report with our findings and recommendations. You will have peace of mind knowing if your fuel is dependable or if you need to take action to have it polished. (Dade, Broward & Palm Beach Only)

Samples of dirty fuel.


Before & After Fuel Polishing.

Dirty fuel filters after polishing!

Laboratory Analysis

We can also send your fuel sample out for a more comprehensive laboratory analysis. This will tell you:

  • Cetane Index
  • Water
  • Water & Sediment
  • ISO Cleanliness
  • API Gravity
  • Distillation

Many medical facilities are required to have this laboratory analysis done annually. It takes approximately 2 weeks to receive your results. There is an additional fee per sample.

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