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Keeping company vehicles on the road is an important component. This doesn’t just mean keeping trucks well maintained and serviced, but also well fueled without delay. While some businesses go the way of filling their trucks at retail locations, the advantages of fleet fueling are too numerous to ignore. By bringing fleet fueling to your business, you can save the two most precious components of any business: money and time.

One of the most obvious advantages of fleet fueling is the time saved in filling your vehicles in one place. Rather than spending time driving to different retailers, fleet fueling allows you to fill up at your location with no time required from individual drivers. Give us a timeframe of when your fleet is available and you can rest assured that your company’s vehicles and equipment will have the fuel needed to keep business running smoothly. The flexibility in hours this provides, whether it’s during downtime or simple line avoidance, can be crucial to your company’s bottom line and improve efficiencies in several key areas.

Finally, safety is a top priority for every company, including Lank Oil. By using our fleet fueling services, customers know they are receiving fuel in an industry-leading manner that respects all safety concerns and regulations. Taking the concern out of on-site tanks or other fueling options allows for effective compliance and peace of mind for your organization.

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