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Lank Oil’s services have proven to be a valuable asset to the construction industry.

  • Onsite Fueling – Available for your convenience to fill equipment and generators.
  • Temporary Tanks – Double wall tanks are available in varying sizes. Rental or Purchase programs are available.

Dyed off-road diesel available for valuable tax savings.

Fleet Fueling

One of the biggest expenses in any fleet is truck driver’s wages. If you are having these drivers also fuel up the trucks, your cost per gallon goes up significantly. Lank’s Fleet Fueling service can help you manage these costs more effectively, saving your company thousands of dollars per year. We make it easy for you, delivering fuel to your vehicles while they’re not in use. We’ll work around your schedule to assure that we’ll be there when you need us!

Keep Fill

If you need a fuel delivery on a routine schedule this is for you! Set up a routine delivery that fits your schedule and we will be there like clockwork! No need to keep calling or run the chance of forgetting and running out. Daily, every other day, weekly, monthly or on a custom schedule. Give us a call and we will make sure your needs are met.

Generators/Home Heating

Many organizations such as hospitals, banks, hotels, etc. need to keep their generators topped off in case of emergencies. Personal residences may need our services for home heating and pool heating tanks. We work with you to insure uninterrupted fuel supply!


Whether it’s the fuel needed to run a dry cleaner or a garbage truck, we do it all! Filling above ground or below ground storage tanks from 50 to 50,000 gallons we can schedule a regular reoccurring stop or just call when you need it.

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