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Lank Oil is proud to supply fuel to many of your favorite marinas including:

  • Delray Harbor Club Marina
  • Derecktors
  • Ft. Lauderdale/New River City Docks
  • Key Biscayne Yacht Club
  • Lauderdale Marina
  • Lighthouse Point Marina
  • Marina Bay
  • Marina Mile Yachting Center
  • Rolly Marine
  • Sands Harbor Marina
  • Spinnaker/TNT Marina
  • Taha Marina
  • Taylor Lane Yachts
  • Universal Marine Center

Fuel Bunkering

We come to you! Lank Oil Company is United States Coast Guard approved to bunker to marine vessels. Deliveries are available dockside to your home or participating marina!

ValvTect Marine Premium Fuels

Lank Oil is a certified ValvTect distributor for their region. These products are available to marinas or for bunkering direct to vessels.

ValvTect Marine Diesel

A high cetane, marine premium diesel fuel containing BioGuard micro-biocide, guaranteed to be free of bacteria. ValvTect Marine Premium Diesel with BioGuard is specially formulated to:

  • Prevent bacteria
  • Disperse water
  • Prevent sludge and filter plugging
  • Clean-up injector deposits
  • Improve fuel economy
  • Reduce smoke and transom soot

ValvTect Marine Gasoline

A special brand of marine gasoline documented to improve engine performance and provide anti-wear protection that hard working marine engines need. ValvTect Marine Gasoline is specially formulated to:

  • Improve octane performance
  • Clean-up engine deposits
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Improve engine performance
  • Prevent rust & corrosion
  • Stabilize fuel & disperse water
  • Prevent premature engine wear

Certify your marina now!

Join the hundreds of high-quality marinas nationwide marketing
ValvTect Marine Fuels to provide their customers safe, trouble –
free boating
, increased customer loyalty, and improved fuel sales
and profits.

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