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Everyone wants to be as prepared as possible for Hurricane Season. Do you have a plan implemented for fuel? We have put together a couple programs for businesses in need of emergency diesel fuel that do not have the room for emergency fuel tanks or are unable to have permanent fuel tanks onsite.

We do require that prior to hurricane season you call us to top off your generators fuel tank so that it is as full as possible going into the season. We further recommend running your generators at least once a month to keep your components lubricated and fuel circulated.

Being on one of these programs also gives you increased priority status when scheduling deliveries before or after a hurricane.

These programs run from June through November and are available for both onroad and offroad diesel fuel. Whether you need the fuel for generators, equipment or onroad trucks, we have a plan for you!

Tank Program

This program places us on retainer to provide you with a 500-gallon fuel tank, along with the fuel for the tank. We will deliver the tank prior to Hurricane Season and pick it up after the season is over. You can have it filled immediately or call when needed.

With this program we will issue an agreement to be signed and returned with the retainer fee. The agreement will outline what type of fuel and pump you will need, along with the manner in which we are to deliver the tank and fuel.

We have a very limited number of tanks available for this program. Customers on the program from the year prior will have the first right to them.

Priority Status Program*

We now offer a Priority Program that will give you priority status for fuel deliveries before and after a hurricane. By law, we are required to serve law enforcement, hospitals, emergency facilities and other critical needs first; however having priority status will put you in the group of deliveries to be scheduled immediately following. Only a limited number of customers can be in this group, so call now to join! *Limited Availability

These programs allow you to have extra fuel on hand after a hurricane. We are unable to guarantee fuel delivery after a storm since the storm could create conditions beyond our control which prevent or delay service. We also have a priority group of customers that include hospitals and emergency response centers that by law we must serve first. We do open as soon as possible after a storm and operate as long as we safely can. Our current customers do get preference over all the new people that call in!

Please contact Kristene Tokesky for more information at 954-214-2265 or

Fuel Stabilizer

Bacteria and fungi (often referred to as bugs) can form in any diesel tank and produce slime, sludge and even acid. This microbial combination can shut your equipment down by plugging fuel filters and causing long-term corrosion damage. Fuel tanks in our region are even more susceptible to this problem due to the condensation forming on the inside of fuel tanks every night!

But we can help! During your next fuel delivery we will treat the existing fuel in your tank with a kill treatment of ValvTect BioGuard Fuel MicroBiocide. Subsequent fuel deliveries will be pretreated with the same additive at a maintenance dose to keep your fuel bacteria free!

Lank Oil Office has Standby Generator

To better serve our customers, Lank Oil Company has installed a generator at our Pompano Beach office.

This generator will run the entire facility during a power outage.  Lights, computers and air conditioning!

Most importantly, we will be up and running  as quickly and effectively as possible after a Hurricane!

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